Thursday, April 26, 2012

dddiiingggg dong

Hola guys... So long xupdate my beloved blog kan...dush dush me.... tide up with da work(truely?????)...donno what to post... just a quick hola for u guys so dat u know im still alive...heheheh bad for u...muahahahah...with da devil laugh... so lately just busy with coding and da house stuff plus not enough sleep....ya...i need my sleeping beauty...aigooo.... gtg....below list of song u should listen and interesting korean drama list dat u should watch...hehehehe..tata... New Song of da Year ------------------- FT ISLANDS - SEVERELY GX4 - KERANA KASIHMU RAMLAH RAM FEAT SLEEQ - SESAAT KAU DATANG KELLY CLARKSON - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) NIRWANA BAND - SUDAH CUKUP SUDAH CHRISTINA PERI - A THOUSAND YEARS,JAR OF HEARTS LIYANA JASMAY - CINTA BERSATU HYUNSEUNG(JS) of BEAST & HYUNA of 4MINUTE - 'Trouble Maker' P/s: will add up new list later Korean drama should watch ------------------------- Yes,Captain Fashion King Rooftop Prince Salaryman , Cho Han Ji p/s:will add up new list later

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